Adding a picture to a polyhedron face

In order to add a picture to a polyhedron face, it must be in either jpeg, gif, or bmp format. Shapescape requires that the width and the height of the picture in pixels be identical. This does not prevent pictures that are not square from being used, but Shapescape will crop them to make them square before they are applied to the face of the polyhedron. The specified picture file will not be modified.

To add a picture to a polyhedron face, first select a polyhedron face by pointing to it. Click the right mouse button to bring up the polyhedron face properties pop-up menu. Select the "Set Picture..." menu item. This brings up the open file dialog. Select a picture file and then click on the OK button.

After selecting a picture, this same picture can be placed on other faces simply by left clicking on them. To reselect face coloring, right click on a face and select the "Set Color..." menu item.

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